All Weather Fan

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This shirt if for all those All Weather KC fans out there. Whether that means good and bad times or in the literal sense... since we never actually know what kind of weather we'll get. For those who stick through thick and thin. For the people who know who Mark Teahen and The Joker Joe Randa are. If you remember $5 right field GA tickets, this shirt is for you. This is for Esteban German playing all over the field. This is for those who remember Mike Sweeney beating up the Detroit Tigers... literally. This is for those who remember "You gotta love these guys." This is for those who chanted "one more hit" with 11 hits because they wanted a free dozen donuts. This is for Ken Harvey. This is for those who still have nightmares of Torii Hunter. This is for those who remember Alex Gordon playing 3rd base. This is for Jeff King's mustache. This is for Frank White. This is for not having power hitters in the steroid era. This is for the "captain of the ship" Ned Yost. For when #Yosted changed its meaning. This is for Mike MacDougal's hat flying off every time he pitched. This is for the 1985 boys in blue. This is for everyone who wanted to Revive '85. This is for those who Revived '85 in '15. This is for Jonny Gomes making the greatest speech in the history of history. This is for Ace. This is for Tony Pena. This is for "nosotros creemos." This is for Raul Ibanez. This is for George Brett. This is for Buck O'Neil. This is for Danny Duffy exclaiming to bury him a Royal. Through good times and bad. This is for the past, present, and future. This is for Kansas F'n City. Rain or Shine.

Tri-blend unisex shirt (50% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 25% Rayon)



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